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What IS the Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund?
The story behind the Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund stems from a woman, who like many, embodies true bravery and optimism while battling the deadly beast-breast cancer. Lisa Boccard’s story with this disease began in 1991 at the age of 29 when after 9 months of being mis-diagnosed, she was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. Stage IV is fatal.

After enduring a mastectomy, chemotherapy, stem cell replacement and radiation Lisa successfully defeated the disease and after ten years, was declared “cancer free”. But in 2003, Lisa was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and was given 5 years to live. What does that mean? It means she will always be on some type of treatment. Currently she receives chemotherapy treatments every other week.

But from the beginning of Lisa’s journey with breast cancer, she made the decision to fight the disease and make a difference. In 2003 Lisa’s brother, Vince and his wife Terry developed the Lisa Boccard/Coral Springs Breast Cancer Foundation in honor of Lisa’s journey. Later they approached Coral Springs Medical Center to be their healthcare partner. Their goal was to help provide free mammograms to women who are unable to afford them. With Lisa involved, their initiative grew and in 2008 it evolved to become the Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund. The mission was then expanded from providing screening mammograms to providing further breast care treatment to financially needy women.

To date the fund has provided over 700 mammograms and identified nearly 40 women with breast cancer and provided follow-up treatment.

Lisa’s ability to inspire those around her, just as she initially inspired her brother to create the fund, is what brings her to do what she does. “If it wasn’t for cancer, I wouldn’t be doing any of this. Maybe this is how my life was supposed to turn out,” she says. With this she took a terrifying diagnosis and became a breast cancer advocate.

And remember that 5 year deadline that Lisa was given? Well it has been over eight years since that prognosis and Lisa is still here as driven and determined as ever!

Mission Statement
To provide funding for breast care to women in our community who are financially unable to obtain screening mammograms and advanced high quality breast imaging and biopsies.

Where will the services take place?
Services are provided at the Women’s Diagnostic & Wellness Center at Coral Springs Medical Center. Our Center is composed of a highly experienced team of technologists and radiologists sensitive to a woman’s needs. We offer the latest technology with a full-field digital mammography system. This new technology enables radiologists to detect and characterize suspicious or obscure lesions more precisely. For high risk patients, breast MRI is available too detect minuscule breast cancers that mammography or breast exams might miss.

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