Joseph Damico was born in Pittsburgh Pa in 1942 where he had the luxury of parents that really supported his desire to become a Boxer. He lived in a neighborhood similar to the neighborhood in the movie The Bronx Tale, where he trained with Billy Kahn and Bruno Sanmartino who through Joe’s grandfather had this opportunity to win 5 Golden Gloves Championship’s. He also through his high school years sang backup to Georgie Benson. After graduating he received a degree in marketing which helped him get a job as a General Manager at a large Ford Dealership. He then at the age of 26 was drafted into the U.S Army where he learned how to fly H-1 Huey and Cobra Helicopters. He was deployed to Vietnam in November 1967 through April 1969 and was with the 1st Air Cavalry with whom he was with during the TET Offensive in February 1968 was wounded and received two Purple Hearts. After his discharge he returned into the automotive industry and when he had the opportunity to purchase a automotive dealership, Lipton Toyota. After then he became involved in many charitable organizations, Women in Distress, Diabetics Charity because a close Friend Michelle McGann a LPGA champion who has diabetes since the age of 5, and is a great friend.

After many years of Charity life he met his Fiancée Irene Yovu who was involved with Glam-A-Thon a Breast Cancer foundation where he has earned a Glammy Award in 2017 and Irene’s Glammy in 2018. We have decided to take on the Challenge and desire to become the first Glammy Couple . We both are already on the road of becoming Glammy recipients again. This Breast Cancer foundation has become a large part of our lives. Now that they both are retired have decided to do as much travel as possible, there vacations of Choice have been cruising with Celebrity. Now trough retirement have much more time to enjoy life. Fortunately are now able to do much more traveling. We are blessed.



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